Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a product: details about the fields to be completed


This means the title of the product as it appears on your website. Ideally, you should use explicit keywords that will allow the buyer to form an idea of your product immediately. Ex. CANON PowerShot camera and not Digital camera

Description of product

You are allowed 255 characters with which to provide the buyer with all the details concerning your product: according to each case, you may want to specify the available sizes and colours and the options and accessories included in the price, or you might mention the possible uses of the product.

A good description means that your product will be better referenced by our search engine. Don’t forget to check the spelling!


Old price

If the price has been reduced (due to promotions, de-stocking, etc.) type the old regular price of the product in this field. The old price must have been used on your site at some point previously. This field is inactive by default; you need to select “sale” or “old price” from the “Special offer” list first in order to be able to put down the pre-reduction price.


Regular price

Type the regular price, at which the product is for sale on your website, in pounds. Ideally, you should use a decimal point to separate the digits. Delivery charges are not included in the regular price.



Put down the amount in the appropriate currency for eco-tax if this is applicable in your country.

For further information please see: Directive Déchets d'équipements électriques et électroniques.


You should put down the number of months or years of warranty offered to the customer at no extra charge. If it is necessary to pay for the extended warranty that you offer, please write down only the basic warranty in the field entitled “warranty”; you can then – if necessary- specify the possibility of an extended warranty at a supplementary cost in the field entitled “description of product”.


EAN = “European Article Number”

“European Article Number”: this field is made up of 13 digits and corresponds to the bar code, which is widely-used with mass-consumed products. It gives the products a unique identity and allows a better indexation of your product within our product categories.



This concerns the average timeframe the carrier requires to deliver your product to the buyer. This information is necessary within France.


Availability (stock)

Availability corresponds to the amount of time you require to obtain the product once the buyer has ordered it. The exactness of the information given provides the buyer with a sense of guarantee – please inform them of any unusual delays or stock shortage in your catalogue immediately.