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How do I integrate a catalogue via an e-commerce solution?


You have an e-commerce solution and you wish to integrate your product offers onto the LeGuide.com Group sites:

1) In the "Catalogue" section of your Shop Account Management Area, select the "E-commerce solution" submission method.

2) Select your e-commerce solution from the scroll-down list. If you cannot find your e-commerce solution in this list, select “other” and give the name.

3) We will let you know the proper steps for the e-commerce solution which you wish to use to create an export file for your catalogue.

4) Send us the url for your catalogue. Our integration team will verify the format of your catalogue before validating it and posting it on our web sites.

We will check you file twice a day every day thereafter to update your product offers on our web sites.


Please choose an E-commerce solution