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How to add users to your Shop Account

In order to facilitate the management of a Shop Account, the administrator has the option of inviting other users and allocating them specific rights.

To add a user: go to the “Catalogue” section, click on “User Account” and then on “Add user”.

1. Fill in the details of the new user.

2. If there is more than one e-commerce site registered on your Shop Account, choose the site which this user will be permitted to manage.

3. Allocate the rights to the user.

4. Click on the button "add user".

They will receive a validation email with a link to confirm their registration. They will then be invited to choose a password.


  • Should the Shop Account contain more than one site, the administrator is permitted to add users only to the site(s) which is/are entrusted to them.
  • Only the administrator of the Shop Account and the legal representative may allocate billing rights to a user.
  • The number of administrators permitted to manage all of the sites in the Shop Account is limited to 5. The number of administrators per site is unlimited.