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Optimise the categoristion of the offers in your catalogue by opting for

self-categorisation !


LeGuide.Com now offers a new way

to link your offers to categories (see below).


The optimisation of a catalogue calls for an efficient categorisation of the offers on our sites.

To achieve this, we recommend entering as precise a category as possible in the category field. You can enter one of the categories displayed on your merchant site but we recommend that you use one of the LeGuide.com categories.


However, for an optimal categorisation, it is recommended to fill in the category field of your catalogue with the LeGuide identification code for the appropriate category rather than the category title.  This is the self-categorisation system.


To this end, we offer you the LeGuide.com thesaurus (see below).


Using the self-categorisation method

To fill in your catalogue's category field, just fill it in with the following character string : « leguide#xxxxxxxx » in which « xxxxxxxx » represents the LeGuide identification code for the appropriate category.


Reminder: an offer can only be associated with one single category.


Example of a catalogue file :


Recommended (self-categorisation)leguide#5010501AWO10561Front loading washing machine490http://www.uwsite.com/whirlpoolawo10561.htm
Recommended (self-categorisation)leguide#10000042SGH E880Mobile phone339http://www.uwsite.com/samsungsghe880.htm
Accepted (with category title)Appliances > kettlesTEFAL - BJ 100010TEFAL kettle43http://www.uwsite.com/tefal-bj-100010.html
Accepted (with category title)TV-VIDEO > wired headphonesPHILIPS - SHQ 3000Wired headphones27,56http://www.uwsite.com/philips-shq-3000-10.html



Categories compatible with the self-categorisation method

Warning, some categories are not compatible with the self-categorisation method


The compatibility of a category with the self-categorisation method is indicated :

- in the xml file by a "1" entered in the self-categorisation attribute; e.g. : 1,

- in the csv file by  a "1" entered in the "self-categorisation" column.


LeGuide.Com Thesaurus




- Category Tree


Thesaurus extract in CSV format :



Category titleCategory identification codeSelf-categorisationLevel



Thesaurus extract in XML format :