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How do I display my retail outlets?

In the Shop Account Management Area, you can register the list of your retail outlets. A list of retail outlets is associated with a shop site; if you manage several shop sites, you can submit us the same number of distinct retail outlet lists. Each retail outlet list can be displayed for several countries. It is currently possible to register retail outlets in 14 different European countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.
Internet users have the possibility of refining the results of their search on Pricesavvy.co.uk by seeing a map with the retail outlets closest to a location of their choice. For each retail outlet, practical information is available (contact details, timetables, access map, etc).

How to submit your retail outlets?

To integrate your retail outlets on our sites and in our shopping search engines, it is necessary to submit a list. Two methods of submission are available:
- If you submit a small number of retail outlets (up to 10), Manual mode allows you to add retail outlets one by one by putting all the information in a form and positioning them on a map.
- If you submit more than 10 retail outlets or if you already have a list in table format, the File mode allows you to submit all your retail outlets together in one go in a file (CSV or Excel format). This file is made up of different fields containing the specific information that allows us to present your retail outlets on our sites. The quality of the display of your retail outlets will depend on the quality of your file.

Definition of fields to complete
name_point_of_sale Name of retail outlet, each retail outlet must have a unique name. Alphanumeric format, 60 characters Your retail outlet, Piccadilly
id_point_of_sale Individual fixed reference for each retail outlet, each retail outlet must have a unique identifer. Alphanumeric format, 50 characters Piccadilly01
address Retail outlet address. Alphanumeric format, 255 characters 10, Glasshouse street
postal_code Retail outlet postcode. This field is not mandatory for the addresses based in Ireland. Alphanumeric format, 20 characters W1B 5
town Retail outlet town. Alphanumeric format, 45 characters London

Country of retail outlet, coded by 2 characters (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
Only the following countries are accepted: Andorra=AD, Austria=AT, Belgium=BE, Bulgaria=BG, Cyprus=CY, Czech Republic=CZ, Denmark=DK, Estonia=EE, Finland=FI, France=FR, Germany=DE, Greece=GR, Hungary=HU, Ireland=IE, Italy=IT, Latvia=LV, Liechtenstein=LI, Lithuania=LT, Luxembourg=LU, Malta=MT, Monaco=MC, Netherlands=NL, Norway=NO, Poland=PL, Portugal=PT, Romania=RO, San Marino=SM, Slovakia=SK, Slovenia=SI, Spain=ES, Sweden=SE, Switzerland=CH, United Kingdom=GB and Vatican=VA

phone Telephone no. of the retail outlet, a clarification of the call rate in brackets is possible. Alphanumeric format, 100 characters

0 20 7287 7552 (30 p/min)

fax Retail outlet fax no. Alphanumeric format, 100 characters 0 20 7287 7544

Latitude of the retail outlet in the form of a value expressed in degrees. A comma is preferred as a decimal separator

longitude Longitude of the retail outlet in the form of a value expressed in degrees. A comma is preferred as a decimal separator 3,4852382540703
hours Opening and closing hours of the retail outlet in the format day:hh:mm:hh:mm (or day:hh:mm:hh:mm:hh:mm:hh:mm if closed for lunch), each day is separated by a comma.
Submit only the timetables of days open in the following order: hh:mm open, then hh:mm closed (if closed for lunch, submit hh:mm morning opening hours, then hh:mm closed for lunch, then hh:mm afternoon opening hours, then hh:mm of closing in the evening).
The day is coded in the following fashion: Sunday=1, Monday=2, Tuesday=3, Wednesday=4, Thursday=5, Friday=6, Saturday=7.
The hours (hh) should be noted in the 24 hour clock, values between 0 and 23 are possible.
The minutes (mm) are coded in 60 minutes, values between 0 and 59 are possible.
If your retail outlet is open 24 hours a day, indicate "00:00:00:00" as your timetable for each day concerned, for example for a Saturday: "7:00:00:00:00"

Example 1: for a retail outlet open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m to 6.30 p.m.: "2:08:00:18:30,3:08:00:18:30,4:08:00:18:30,5:08:00:18:30, 6:08:00:18:30"


Example 2: for a retail outlet open Monday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.: "2:14:00:19:00,3:09:30:12:30:14:30:19:00, 4:09:30:12:30:14:30:19:00,5:09:30:12:30:14:30:19:00, 6:09:30:12:30:14:30:19:00,7:09:30:00:30"

hours_except Note reserved for different openings or timetables. Alphanumeric format, 50 characters Open Sunday 12th and 19th December 2010
description_point_of_sale Retail outlet description. Alphanumeric format, 255 characters Shop with a microcomputing, digital camera and camcorder section.
URL_point_of_sale URL of the webpage describing your retail outlet. Specify the complete URL, including the prefix "http://". Alphanumeric format, 255 characters http://www.your_website.com/shops/piccadilly.html
URL_photo_1 URL of a photograph describing your retail outlet. Gif or Jpg format. This image must not be an animated Gif or your site or company logo. Specify the complete URL, including the prefix "http://". Alphanumeric format, 255 characters http://www.your_website.com/images/piccadilly01.jpg
URL_photo_2 URL of a second photograph describing your retail outlet. Gif or Jpg format. This image must not be an animated Gif or your site or company logo. Specify the complete URL, including the prefix "http://". Alphanumeric format, 255 characters


parking Indication of whether there is parking available, coded in the following way:
Parking = 1, No parking = 0
public_transport Description of access by public transport. Alphanumeric format, 255 characters Underground: Piccadilly circus
accessibility Indication of facilities for disabled access, coded in the following way:
Facilities =  1, No Facilities = 0

Your list must only use each retail outlet once. LeGuide.com reserves the right not to display redundant retail outlets or incomplete listings which may be a hindrance to the user. If you do not submit your geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), your retail outlet will be automatically positioned on the maps by our partner using its postal address (address, postcode and country). After the submission of your file, you will have the possibility of checking (and modifying) the position of your retail outlets on a map using the Manual mode.

File structure

The first line of the file must contain the heading of each column, in the same order as in the model. Do not delete, modify, or move the columns. Each retail outlet must be presented on one single line. Each field of a retail outlet must be separated by a semicolon.
- To create a new retail outlets file, you can download the file ModelROLeGuide.csv to save on your hard drive and complete. To update an existing line, download your information in the CSV format, modify your retail outlets and submit it as a new file.

File format

You can easily create or update a file in Excel or CSV format from Excel.
 - To save in CSV format:
File > Save as... > File type: CSV (separator semicolon)(*.csv)
Then you click on "Save", then on "OK", and finally on "Yes"




- Compatible excel formats:
You can also submit your retail outlets file in Excel 2007 format (.xlsx) or Excel 97-2003 (.xls).

Why is one of my retail outlets concealed?

After the submission of a retail outlets file (in File mode) via the Shop Account Management Area, the retail outlets can be put in «Concealed» status. In this case, the retail outlet is not displayed on Pricesavvy.co.uk. This status corresponds to an instance where the description of the retail outlet is incomplete (a mandatory field is not given) or when the latitude and longitude are not available (not submitted by yourselves and not deducible by the postal address).
To make a concealed retail outlet appear, you can resubmit your retail outlet file in full (File mode) by completing the information of the concealed retail outlet (check particularly the mandatory fields and the postal address), or modify your retail outlet directly (Manual mode).